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Popular specialist book on pruning newly revised

Pruning is an important winemaking skill, as it can have a decisive influence on yield and quality. The popular reference book "Rebschnitt. Pruning vines and table grapes correctly" from Ulmer Verlag was revised and updated by Gerd Götz, Sebastian Hörsch and Dr. Matthias Petgen from the Rural Area Service Center (DLR) Rhenish Palatinate and the Wine Campus Neustadt, among others . 

The book is used in vocational schools and in all further training courses. In addition to labor-saving and extensive production methods and the plant pyhsiological background, the new edition includes new innovative pruning methods such as "gentle pruning". This has been taken up as a separate chapter and presented according to the current state of knowledge. It also deals with the rehabilitation of vines affected by wood-destroying fungi.

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