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Wine Campus tour

Visit from Carina Konrad, Member of the Bundestag

On July 6, we were delighted to receive a visit from Carina Konrad, Member of the Bundestag. Ms. Konrad is a member of the Bundestag and is particularly committed to agriculture, viticulture and rural areas. After a welcome and introduction by Günter Hoos, Director of the Rural Area Service Center (DLR) Rhenish Palatinate, we were able to hold interesting discussions with our guests on the topics of climate change, plant protection, consumer perception  and research. Maren Scharfenberger-Schmeer presented the Wine Campus and emphasized the uniqueness of the knowledge transfer at the Rural Area Service Center (DLR) Rheinpfalz and the Wine Campus. Ulrich Fischer, Head of the Institute of Viticulture & Enology, emphasized the importance of research in relation to agricultural, political and social issues in his presentation. In the sensory laboratory, he explained how a sensory seminar is conducted. During a tour, colleagues from the Institute of Phytomedicine provided exciting insights into plant protection and vine breeding strategies. In view of the ongoing climate change, Andreas Kortekamp, Head of the Institute of Phytomedicine, particularly emphasized the approach of integrative plant protection. Jochen Bogs, Professor of Plant Physiology and Viticulture, informed the guests about the development of "Piwis", fungus-resistant varieties, in viticulture. At the end, the guests were treated to a small tasting of a sparkling wine made from a "Piwi variety", Calardis Blanc. Ms. Konrad was able to gain interesting insights into the work and research at the Rural Area Service Center (DLR) Rhenish Palatinate and the Wine Campus and the challenges that the agricultural and wine industry will have to face in the future.

Tour of the Institute of Phytomedicine