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Franco-German encounter at the Wine Campus Neustadt

After two semesters of online teaching, the students of the first year of the Franco-German Master's in Viticulture and Enology were finally able to come together. From June 7 to 18, they attended lectures, exercises and labs at the Wine Campus Neustadt. Thanks to an extensive cultural program, they were able to experience the Palatinate up close.

With events in the subjects "Innovations in Enology", "Innovations in the Chemistry and Microbiology of Wine", "Special Sensory / Consumer Research" and "Smart & Sustainable Viticulture", the program of the two weeks was quite intensive. The sensory courses and laboratories were a particular highlight. The students tasted wines from all over the world and learned about the various winemaking processes and their chemical and sensory characteristics. In the laboratory, they dealt with wine analysis and analyzed microorganisms in wine. The viticultural part of the course was also included and was taught in practice during an excursion to Villa Pistoria in Bad Bergzabern and to the Wilhelmshof wine and sparkling wine estate in Siebeldingen.

During the two weeks, they also went on a tour of discovery through the Palatinate: as part of the course "History and Culture of Wine on the Upper Rhine", the Franco-German group visited the Roman villa in Ungstein, Speyer Cathedral, the Peasants' War House in Nußdorf and Hambach Castle, learning a great deal about the special significance of the vine and wine in Western civilization. The students were particularly pleased with the supporting program, which included a guided tour of the historic Schlossgasse in Hambach and the old town of Neustadt. Last but not least, they met members of the Franco-German Society of Neustadt and were personally welcomed by Mayor Stefan Ulrich in Neustadt Town Hall.

The Franco-German Master's in Viticulture and Enology is offered in cooperation with the Université de Haute-Alsace in Colmar. We would like to thank the Franco-German Civic Fund for its kind support and sponsorship of the two weeks of attendance.

In front of the Peasants' War House in Nußdorf
With the mayor Stefan Ulrich in Neustadt town hall
In the sensory course with Prof. Dr. Fischer