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Neustadt is one of the strongest research locations in the food industry research group

With 10 ongoing research projects, the Neustadt research location with the Rural Area Service Center (DLR) Rhenish Palatinate in conjunction with the Ludwigshafen, Kaiserslautern and Bingen Universities of Applied Sciences at the Wine Campus Neustadt is one of the 7 most active research locations in the food industry research community. This means that Neustadt can compare itself with renowned universities such as the Technical University of Munich, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the universities in Hohenheim, Erlangen, Hamburg and Berlin in terms of research activities. Prof. Dr. Durner's projects on saving energy and resources in collaboration with the University of Erlangen and the rapid test for harmful organisms in must and wine, supervised by Prof. Dr. Maren Scharfenberger-Schmeer, attracted particular interest.

The projects are funded by the Alliance for Industrial Collective Research AiF through the Federal Ministry of Economics in order to support smaller companies that cannot afford their own research and development through pre-competitive projects with universities and other research institutions. The project applications are evaluated by six reviewers and the suggestions for improvement increase the quality of the research as well as the final chances of approval by the BMWi. The reviewers are recruited from the scientific advisory board, whose 100 members are made up of an equal number of scientists and industry representatives. At the same time, the scientific advisory board discusses the project applications and votes on their acceptance.

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