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Three-day project meeting of the NEWclim consortium at the Wine Campus Neustadt

From May 29 to 31, a three-day meeting will take place at the Wine Campus as part of the international NEWclim research project. NEWclim is a collaboration between L'institut Agro, Lund University and the Wine Campus Neustadt. Prof. Dr. Jochen Bogs is the project coordinator of the Erasmus+ funded EU cooperation project. The main objective of Newclim is to develop a teaching unit and digital platform with open source educational materials on climate change and more sustainable practices in agriculture, especially for the permanent crops apple and grape. These platforms will be introduced into the training/curricula of the partner universities. The new program aims to train graduates and postgraduates to design more resilient cropping systems and ultimately help farmers implement sustainable practices resulting from current research. New networks are also being created among teachers and students. It is also about promoting the digital skills of teachers and students through e-learning and evaluating new practices in the agricultural sector.


Prof. Dr. Jochen Bogs

Professor of Plant Physiology and Viticulture