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Studium Generale at the HWG Ludwigshafen


In the winter semester 2023/2024, a diverse "Studium Generale" program again awaits students and the interested public. The topics covered by the lecture series range from freedom of speech in Germany and conspiracy theories to the history of money as a history of inflation to meteorite impacts and food intolerances. Two lecture units are also devoted to the topics of Germany as a business location and securing prosperity. The series kicks off in the winter semester on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023, with the lecture "Information in everyday life - how we crack the riddles of the incomprehensible" with Prof. Dr. Matthias Ludwig from Gothe University Frankfurt/Main.

All Studium Generale events at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences take place on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. - this semester again as a hybrid format, i.e., in attendance with a limited number of participants and as an online broadcast. Initiated and organized by Prof. Dr. Dieter Thomaschewski of the Department of Management, Controlling, HealthCare, the lecture series under the motto "Insights and Perspectives" is free of charge and open to all interested parties. Registration with Annette Gramer by mail to annette.gramer☞ Please insert an @ at this point ☜hwg-lu☞ Please insert a period at this point ☜de is required for organizational reasons. The dial-in link for online participation will be announced after registration.

Click here for the complete program of this winter semester:

Studium Generale program at HWG LU in the winter semester 2023/2024
10.10.2023: Information in everyday life - how we crack the riddles of the incomprehensible Prof. Dr. Matthias Ludwig, Goethe University Frankfurt a. Main
17.10.2023: The history of money - the history of inflation Prof. Dr. Hanno Beck, Pforzheim University
24.10.2023: Freedom of speech in Germany - is it still allowed to say everything you think? Prof. Dr. Richard Traunmüller, University of Mannheim
31.10.2023: Humor and Power - Gender Relations and Laughter Cultures in Transition Prof. Dr. Helga Kotthoff; Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
07.11.2023: Words, rage and weapons? Conspiracy Theories as a Threat to Internal Security Elmar May, Head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Rhineland-Palatinate
14.11.2023: Model and Reality in Science - Game Theory Prof. D. Christian Rieck, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
21.11. Germany's Dwindling Attractiveness as a Business Location - Findings and Counter Strategies Prof. Dr. Friedrich Heinemann, ZEW - Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research Mannheim
28.11.2023: Entrepreneurship and education - two pillars to secure our prosperity Harald Christ, Christ & Company Consult GmbH Berlin
05.12.2023: Impacts on Earth - what do craters tell us? Prof. Dr. Stefan Hölzl, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
12.12.2023: When it rumbles in the stomach - of irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance and co. Prof. Dr. Ralf Jakobs, Klinikum Ludwigshafen

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