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"You can only learn to make wine by making wine." - This principle of the dual philosophy at the Wine Campus Neustadt is lived and taught at all levels. In January 2020, shortly before the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Germany, the Wine Campus Neustadt celebrated its 10th anniversary in a festive setting. The NEO wines were presented for the first time at these celebrations and the principle explained.

Students at the Wine Campus should have the opportunity to get involved and gain practical experience, not only in the context of experimental wines, but also in concrete product development. NEO wines have therefore already been part of marketing and market research seminars, social media projects, and students have assisted with grape harvesting, bottling and packaging development. And so the family of NEO Campus wines is finally growing again: the students and staff of the Wine Campus have developed and expanded two new varieties in collaboration with the Neustadt State Winery: A Sauvignon Blanc Fumé and a Weißburgunder Sekt Brut. Both products fit harmoniously into the design range of NEO wines, the Sauvignon Blanc with a subtle mint green color, the Pinot Blanc sparkling wine in a noble, light taupe tone. During the peak phase of the pandemic and online teaching at the Wine Campus, it was a particular challenge to further develop NEO and involve the students.

Teaching at the Wine Campus is now increasingly taking place in person again and students recently had the opportunity to take a close look at the NEO Sauvignon Blanc Fumé in the sensory laboratory. "Gooseberry and tropical fruit", "long melting texture and a fresh finish" as well as "a hint of vanilla and subtle woody notes" could be heard shouting through the sensory lab. Food recommendations were also made, ranging from classic carbonara to fish dishes and creamy gratins. Hopefully the newly reopened canteen had something suitable on offer that day.

NEO Sauvignon Blanc Fumé
NEO Pinot Blanc sparkling wine Brut
Students in the sensory seminar
Students in the sensory seminar
Students in the sensory seminar