Information in easy language

Information in easy language

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People can learn how to grow and produce wine at the Wine Campus Neustadt. The campus is a kind of school after school. This school is also called a university. The people who want to learn something there are called students. There are currently around 250 students at the Wine Campus.


The Wine Campus Neustadt was founded in 2009. Three universities and the Rural Area Service Center (DLR) Rhenish Palatinate joined forces for this purpose. The Rural Area Service Center (DLR) Rhenish Palatinate is primarily responsible for the administration of the Wine Campus , which is located at Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. 




The Wine Campus works with 500 wineries around the world. Students have the opportunity to learn how to process and produce wine with a winemaker during their studies. They can then do an apprenticeship alongside their studies at . This is called dual study. 



However, the Wine Campus is not only used for teaching, but also for research. Scientists from the universities and scientists from the Service Center for Rural Areas work together there. They try to find solutions to problems in viticulture or wine production. Their aim is to improve wine production while protecting the environment as much as possible.