Facts, concept and target group for the part-time MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales

Part-time to the Master's degree with the

MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales

Success in business has long since ceased to depend solely on the quality of the product in small and medium-sized enterprises. This is not only true for the wine industry. Those who want to survive nationally and internationally must recognize opportunities in the market, evaluate them economically and act sustainably.

The MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales covers all relevant management aspects, uses state-of-the-art teaching methods and offers attractive focal points. Using the wine industry as an example, the program shows how closely economic aspects, sustainability, marketing and sales are interrelated and what skills are needed to successfully apply this knowledge in practice.

The course is taught entirely in English, is completed part-time as a continuing education program, and has an international orientation. With only 36 days of attendance in combination with blended learning, you will earn a state-recognized master's degree.

New from 2023: targeted further training by taking one or more modules. Details of the certificate program can be found here

International - State recognized - Part-time

The facts at a glance

  • Academic degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Duration of study: 2 years / 4 semesters, part-time continuing education
  • Main focus: Sustainable management, sales, wine competence
  • Language: English (The Master's thesis can be written in German upon request.)
  • ECTS points: 90
  • Maximum number of participants: 20
  • Start of study:  September 1 (beginning of semester)
  • Start of lectures: October/November
  • Lecture times: Blended learning and attendance phases in the 1st-3rd semester, preparation and defense of the Master's thesis in the 4th semester
  • Attendance days: 36
  • Tuition fee: 3,500 EUR per semester standard period of study for EU students (total 14,000 EUR) and 4,750 EUR for non-EU students (total 19,000 EUR). Details can be found under Costs.
  • Degree: State-recognized and accredited by FIBAA
  • Access also possible without first degree, for example with technician degree

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Make yourself and your company fit for the future!

In addition to the classic business management content of an MBA, the program focuses on sales and the three pillars of sustainability. Students also learn about trends in the international wine market, work on case studies and projects in the areas of consumer research and marketing and are trained in the sensory analysis of wine. The world of international wines, their special features and sensory characteristics are tasted using many different examples and expanded to include spirits and beers. Details can be found in the curriculum!

Maximum practical relevance is an important aspect of our Master's program. The international team of lecturers integrates many practical examples into the lessons, which are scientifically analyzed and discussed in the group. Students can bring in their own business issues and, for example, develop solutions as part of a case study or choose a topic for their Master's thesis that is relevant to their own company. This enables a direct transfer of knowledge to the company.

The Wine Campus Neustadt team offers students individual support and advice throughout their studies. Studying while working is a challenge, which is why we offer a high degree of flexibility that is geared towards the needs of the students.

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Who are we addressing?

Wine professionals and wine enthusiasts!

Are you curious, do you enjoy creative thinking and entrepreneurial challenges and would you like to broaden your horizons? We will show you how to set up your company for a sustainable and successful future! The Master's program is aimed at both experienced professionals from the wine industry and wine enthusiasts from related and unrelated industries who want to develop professionally and personally.

The two-year part-time program can be completed with only 36 days of attendance at the Wine Campus Neustadt. Flexible self-study times make it possible to combine study and work in the best possible way. The different cultural and professional backgrounds of the students and lecturers enrich the exchange within the group and enable the formation of new networks.

The MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales is also aimed at professionally qualified applicants without a first university degree, e.g. technicians or master craftsmen. Details can be found under Application and Admission.

Our student Pauline Baumberger explains in an interview why she chose the MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales.


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The study plan

Part-time study is a challenge. We know that! The MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales enables an optimal combination of work, family and studies due to the minimal attendance and the flexible design of the self-study phases. By conveying the latest findings from research in combination with current case studies, maximum practical relevance is made possible. Students benefit from the exchange with top-class lecturers and international fellow students.

"It changes your way of thinking!"

Why does the (wine) industry need an MBA with a focus on sustainable management and sales?

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