Modul 110

Strategic Performance Management


Strategic Performance Management provides participants with practical expertise based on case studies and current research findings. Participants gain the tools and knowledge to successfully meet complex management challenges. The certificate module deals with the entrepreneurial and visionary use of market opportunities. It explores how management solutions can be applied, from business start-up to strategic realignment and restructuring of organizations. The certificate module enables students to strategically develop organizations. It includes the teaching of competencies in organizational design, professional human resource management, and strategic financing. 

Participants independently develop a case study and present it during the course.

LecturerProf. Dr. Marc Dre├čler

3 presence days
1,5 days in the fist block, 1,5 Tage in the second block
Individual pre- and post-processing time

Semester1, See curriculum overview
Infos and materialsAre made available via the learning platform Olat. Location and timetable are also available online. Access is granted after successful registration.
Exam performance

Preparation and presentation of a case study during the attendance period.

Working on the case study during the preparation time between the two attendance weeks. Submission two weeks before the start of the second block.