Modul 210

Marketing Management


Strategic and efficient marketing is a key to entrepreneurial success, not only in small and medium-sized businesses in the wine industry. Concepts, best practices and tools for planning and coordinating a marketing strategy form the core of the certificate module. During the three-day attendance period, participants are challenged to directly apply what they have learned and independently develop a marketing strategy.

In addition, quantitative techniques for decision-making in marketing planning are taught. Building on the fundamentals of marketing research, methods for analyzing marketing data are presented.

LecturerProf. Dr. Edith Rüger-Muck

3 presence days
Individual pre- and post-processing time

Semester2, See curriculum overview
Infos and materialsAre made available via the learning platform Olat. Location and timetable are also available online. Access is granted after successful registration.

Certificate of attendance or

nationally recognized university certificate after successful completion of the examination.

Exam performance

Project work and presentation.
The task is announced during the attendance time and worked on in group work. The result is presented and evaluated in a presentation.