Modul 310

Wine Expertise


The module "Wine Expertise" aims to broaden the horizon for the evaluation and recognition of global wine styles. Special attention is given to the professional communication skills regarding the sensory characteristics of wines and spirits. In addition to the positive and wine-defining characteristics, participants will also learn about masking or even worsening off-flavors and impurities and how to characterize them.

By combining basic knowledge and background on international cuisines with wine expertise, participants will be able to make confident selections of appropriate wines for various dishes and other occasions. Intercultural aspects of food and wine as well as the correct behavior at the tables of the world are also topics of this certificate module. The certificate module is significantly enriched by the experience and expertise of the lecturers.

LecturerProf. Dr. Ulrich Fischer, Markus Del Monego

3 presence days
Individual pre- and post-processing time

Semester3, See curriculum overview
Infos and materialsAre made available via the learning platform Olat. Location and timetable are also available online. Access is granted after successful registration.
Exam performance12-15 pages of written work, the processing time is six weeks.