Modul 320

Modul 320 - Sales Excellence

Lecturer: Christian Kloss

“Sales excellence” exposes students to state of the art sales challenges and will provide frameworks and tools to counter the challenges in different context. The module is designed to cover not only the aspect of the producer/provider but also to understand the counterpart. Therefore, sourcing strategies and category management are explored. Nowadays, achieving sales targets requires competence in data and information management. One course will deal with actual information technology but with a strong focus on data exploitation and how to derive measurable action plans. Besides emotional competence such as common sense and gut feeling outperformance in sales requires in-depth competence in data interpretation and according risk management. A high-end class in forecasting will therefore be the cornerstone of the course and provide such competencies to derive managerial decisions in the sales activities.

The content will be explored in an international perspective. Hence, cultural aspects of sales are considered and according insights will be provided.