Modul 330

Management in Practice

ContentThe Management in Practice module aims to enable participants to work practically and realistically on a self-selected sales topic and problem. Participants are asked to work on a real sales project, from defining the challenge to designing the solution to project managing the implementation. In doing so, they improve their own negotiation skills by promoting their individually developed solution in a practice-oriented manner. They can also demonstrate and deepen their problem identification and problem solving skills, their project management skills as well as their personal skills.The results of the participants are presented and analyzed among themselves during the certificate module. Part of the presentation is also to actively promote your own model in the group and to win your fellow participants for your own ideas and offers. The certificate module is based on a strong interaction between the individuals and the group as well as on the discussion of the presented results, tools and real sales and negotiation challenges. Participants are thus enabled to efficiently and effectively develop sales approaches with high added value for the company and creativity. The focus will not only be on the design but also on the implementation of sales ambitions.Further emphasis will be on price definition and price realization as well as sales strategies in a global context with a corresponding understanding of leading and selling in different cultural contexts.
LecturerProf. Dr. Marc Dre├čler, changing guest lecturers

2 presence days
Individual pre- and post-processing time

Semester3, See curriculum overview
Infos and materialsAre made available via the learning platform Olat. Location and timetable are also available online. Access is granted after successful registration.
Exam performancePreparation and presentation of a case study.