Modul 330

Modul 330 - Management in Practice

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Marc Dreßler, alternating guest lecturers

The module aims that students elaborate on a chosen topic in sales working on a practical challenge but also enhancing their own negotiation skills to sell an individually worked out solution. Hence students will enhance their problem identification and solving skills, project management capabilities, as well as personal skills.  Besides that, students will be required to show their capabilities in issue identification, problem framing, analyses, options and solution generation the module targets on enhancing sales and negotiating capabilities. Students will increase their communication skills and strategies to win partners for own ideas or offerings.

It bases on strong interaction within the individuals and the class and to discuss the presented results, tools, and real-life sales and negotiation challenges. Therefore, the students are asked to work on a real life sales project from challenge definition to solution design to project management for realization and implementation. Students will therefore be able to efficiently and effectively design sales approaches with high value-add for the company and creativity. They will not only focus on designing but furthermore on realizing sales ambitions by enhancing negotiation capabilities. Further focus in on price definition and price realization as well as sales strategies in a global context with according understanding of managing and selling in different cultural settings.