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Academic postgraduate studies are designed to be part-time and are financed by remuneration, since students - in contrast to a consecutive Master's programme - can continue to work full-time.

The tuition fee for the MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales is 3.500 EUR per semester (standard period of study) for EU students (total 14.000 EUR) and 4.750 EUR for non-EU students (total 19.000 EUR). From the second semester onwards, the tuition fee can be split into up to three instalments after consultation with the program management.


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If your complete application is received by 30 April of the respective year, the tuition fee is reduced to 12,600 euros for EU students and 17,100 euros for non-EU students. From the 5th semester onwards, a reduced tuition fee will be charged.

The tuition fees do not include travel, accommodation and catering costs or the semester fee of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen.

The tuition fee, the semester contribution as well as travel and accommodation costs during the attendance weeks are usually tax deductible.

Continuing education programmes are generally not eligible for funding for international students, as we offer a part-time program they can continue their professional career. German applicants may find a suitable option here.

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