Interview with Pauline

Interview with Pauline Baumberger

In the winter semester 2018/19, Pauline Baumberger began her part-time Master studies at the Weincampus Neustadt. The interview was done in February 2019.

1 Why did you decide to study part-time?

The extra-occupational model allows me to continue my education on a scientific level without giving up working. For me, the combination of practice and theory is the optimal form of studying, because it gives me the opportunity to apply what I have learnt directly in practice. My daily work provides me with questions and perspectives in order to understand and interpret theories. Furthermore, the exchange with fellow students from different fields of work and countries and their perspective on the wine world and economy is incredibly valuable.

2 Why did you choose this course of studies of all things?

The MBA program combines all the areas in which I would like to expand and deepen my knowledge: Wine, sustainability and sales. I grew up in my family's winery and after graduating with a bachelor's degree in communication design, I quickly realized that wine was the wine that inspired me the most. In my job as a wine and communications manager at a wine online shop, I was able to combine my two greatest passions. My studies at the Weincampus in Neustadt are based on my current level of knowledge, show me new perspectives and teach me strategic thinking and methods. This enables me to rethink situations in a family business, to check for sustainability and to make well-founded decisions.

3 How do you manage to reconcile your job and your studies?

It takes a certain amount of self-discipline and a thirst for research to create enough space for studying in addition to working full-time. The big advantage is that I can organize myself and my time. The attendance phases give you the opportunity to concentrate on your studies and content for six days and provide an incredible amount of input. The course contents and examination requirements are structured in such a way that one remains constantly involved in the contents of the course and researches a wide variety of topics in everyday life and at work. It is definitely intensive and requires a certain time management, which is good.

4 What happens after the Master for you?

I made the decision to work with my family in our winery. My main focus lies in the marketing and distribution of our wines. At the moment our family business is run by my parents. My brother is studying viticulture and oenology in the Rheingau, I am studying Wine, Sustainability & Sales in Neustadt. Together we have a great basis to continue and develop our winery. So after my studies, I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned into practice at the winery. It will be exciting!