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MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales

Being  successful  in  business  has  long  ceased  to depend on product quality alone.

Globalization, the opening of new markets, climate change, as well as changes in customer behavior are just a few examples of the areas that require   sustainable   business   management.  

Those  who  want  to  be  successful  both  domestically and internationally have to be able to recognize and analyze opportunities in the marketplace – and seize on them with a sustainable approach.

Our part-time master program prepares you to navigate your business sustainably into the future!

New in 2023: even more targeted further education by booking one or more modules. Details of the certificate program can be found here

International - State-approved - extra-occupational

The facts

  • Academic degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Focus: Wine, Sales, Sustainable Management.
  • Part-time program in Germany.
  • Program length: 2 years / 4 semesters .
  • Language: English (certain exams and the Master's thesis can be completed in German upon request).
  • Maximum number of participants: 20.
  • Semester begins: September 1st.
  • Degree program begins: October/November.
  • Lecture period: Blended Learning and on-campus presence in semesters 1–3. Master’s thesis is written and defended during the 4th semester.
  • Normally 2 week-long block sessions per semester, from Monday–Saturday.
  • Presence days in total: 36.
  • Tuition fees: 14,000€ for EU students; 19,000€ for non-EU students.
  • Tuition fees to be paid per semester (i.e. 3,500€ or 4,750€, respectively). In addition to this, students also must pay the semester fee for the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.
  • Costs for travel, meals, and accommodations not included.
  • Access also possible without a first university degree, for example with a technician degree.
  • Degree: State-approved and accredited by the FIBAA.

Thinking today about the day after tomorrow?

Make yourself and your company fit for the future!

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Wine, Sustainability & Sales  provides  an  internationally  oriented  program  of  study  for  working  professionals,  focusing  on  sustainable  management  and  sales  concepts.  Problem-solving  strategies  and  business  methods  are  taught  using  real-world  examples on a university level.

In addition to the classic business management contents of an MBA, the focus of the course is on sales and distribution as well as the three pillars of sustainability. Students also learn about trends in the international wine market, work on case studies and projects in the areas of consumer research and marketing, and are trained in the sensory analysis of wine. The world of international wines, their special features and sensory characteristics will be tasted using many different examples and extended to spirits and beers. Details can be found in the curriculum!

Maximum practical relevance is an important aspect of our master's program. The international team of lecturers integrates many practical examples into the teaching, which are scientifically analysed and discussed in the group. Students can bring in their own operational questions and, for example, develop solutions in the context of a case study or choose a topic of the master's thesis that is relevant to their own company. This enables a direct transfer of knowledge to the company.

The team at the Weincampus Neustadt offers students individual support and advice throughout their studies. Studying part-time is a challenge, which is why we offer a high degree of flexibility that is tailored to the students' needs.

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Who we address?

Wine professionals and wine enthusiasts!

You are curious, enjoy creative thinking, entrepreneurial challenges and want to broaden your horizon? We will show you how to position your company sustainably and successfully for the future! The Master's programme is aimed both at experienced professionals from the wine industry and at wine enthusiasts from related and unrelated sectors who want to develop professionally and personally.

The two-year part-time program can be completed with only 36 days of attendance at the Weincampus Neustadt. Through flexible self-study periods, study and career can be optimally combined. The different cultural and professional backgrounds of the students and lecturers enrich the exchange within the group and enable the establishment of new networks.

The MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales is open to professionally qualified applicants without a first university degree, e.g. technicians or master craftsmen. Details can be found in the admission requirements.

Our student Pauline Baumberger explains in an interview why she chose the MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales.

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For an optimal balance between job, family and studies!

No on-campus presence during grape harvest and worklaod peaks in the wine business!

Studying part-time is a challenge. We know that! That is why we have designed our curriculum in such a way that it is possible to combine studies, job and family. There are a variety of examination forms that are spread over the semester and allow the greatest possible flexibility in terms of timing your self-study. In addition, our staff and lecturers are available to answer questions and provide individual support.

Please note that we cannot arrange any employment in Germany. The attendance periods are organised in such a way that you can combine your studies with your work in your home country if you are prepared to travel.

"It changes your way of thinking!"

Why does the (wine) business need an MBA with a focus on wine, sustainable management and sales?

What do our students and professors say about the MBA Wine, Sustainabiltiy & Sales?

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