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At the Wine Campus Neustadt, we provide training at the highest level. What could be more obvious than our own Wine Campus? And yet this idea took some time to mature. Sometimes 'good things take time'. Just like a good wine! And so we are also breaking new ground. New territory in Neustadt. New ways of thinking, new paths - that's what the Wine Campus stands for. And that's what NEO stands for. NEO is the essence of the Wine Campus, bottled in glass bottles. Wine Campus Neustadt's own wine: may we introduce? NEO. The new generation of wine. Cheers!


NEO leaflet

And so it begins...

A wine is created

The vision becomes reality. Education, science and research merge in liquid form. In close cooperation with the Neustadt State Winery, we formulate our claim: NEO stands for the new generation of wine. For a new generation of students, whom we involve in the creation process of NEO wines - not only with professionalism and passion in winemaking, but also in the development of the packaging. The NEO lettering above is a visual and linguistic bridge to the word NEU - Neustadt, Neuland, neue Denke, neue Wege! With a clear color division , the sophisticated design of our NEO wines conveys elegance and purism.

The new generation of wine


Together with the Neustadt State Winery at the Rural Area Service Center (DLR) Rhenish Palatinate, we are able to produce excellent quality wines for NEO. Involving our students in the production process of NEO wines is part of our dual philosophy - because you can only learn to make wine by making wine. We also want to communicate this message to the outside world: What would a campus wine, which stands for new thinking, new ways, be without a jute bag with hipster potential? That's why we have also provided a high-quality bag made of organic cotton that is strong enough to carry three bottles of NEO. So you can recognize them immediately from afar - the new generation of wine.

The NEO line



Laurot PIWI wine

NEO Pinot Noir Rosé


Pinot Noir Rosé

NEO Sauvignon Blanc


Fumé Sauvignon Blanc

NEO sparkling wine


Brut Pinot Blanc

NEO Herrenletten Riesling


Herrenletten Riesling

NEO Tonneau Pinot Blanc


Tonneau Pinot Blanc

NEO Ilimitado liqueur wine


Ilimitado liqueur wine