NEO Brut Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc Brut


The time has finally come! Our NEO Pinot Blanc Brut is not only a highly interesting sparkling wine , the NEO wine range has also been expanded to include the sparkling wine segment . Most wine connoisseurs have long known that Pinot Blanc can be used to make more than just excellent wine. Our NEO Pinot Blanc Brut also surprises wine fans with its lively character.

The NEO Pinot Blanc Brut was allowed to develop its diversity in taste and nose for a whole year in barriques. After nine months in the bottle, it was finally perfected into a sparkling wine. Not only the orange-yellow color with its greenish reflections brings anticipation in the glass, but also the fresh nose with its special woody aroma.

The NEO Pinot Blanc Brut is reminiscent of pear and yellow apple, but also has accents of vineyard peach and apricot. There is also a lively acidity that balances wonderfully with the creaminess. Without any residual sugar, the NEO Pinot Blanc Brut is nevertheless avant-garde, challenging and modern. The long finish with plenty of brioche is supported by a fine perlage .

The NEO Pinot Blanc Brut is an excellent opportunity to enjoy an original yet well-rounded taste experience.

Vintage 2019  //  12 % vol.  //  0 g residual sugar  //  5.7 g total acidity

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