NEO Vie en Rose Pinot Noir

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Vie en Rose


The NEO campus wine line continues to grow: VIE EN ROSE is the name of the latest NEO creation from winemaker Dr. Jonas Müller, research assistant in the field of cellar technology. Students on the dual degree course in viticulture & Enology developed the name for the new campus rosé Vie en Rose as part of their marketing lecture. A lot of research and creative work was necessary, so that eager discussions in group work finally led to the name Vie en Rose. The NEO wine line is regularly continued at the Wine Campus Neustadt as a practical project by employees together with students.

This 2021 rosé vintage is a perfect combination of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which blend together in harmony. The battonage process gives the wine a light body and a creamy texture. Raspberry notes dominate the nose, accompanied by light fruity notes. The palate is refreshed by a crisp acidity that makes the wine lively and refreshing. The use of staves during the ageing process reveals a slight wood component, which gives the wine additional complexity. Overall, this rosé is an elegant and balanced wine that is ideal with light dishes such as salads or fish. A wonderful wine to enjoy outdoors on a sunny day!

Vintage 2021 // 12.5% vol  

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