When and How Can I Apply?

You can apply year round for the dual-studies degree program. The program in viticulture & enology is not subject to enrollment restrictions or a Numerus Clausus, meaning that you will receive a spot in the program as long as you fulfill the formal requirements for admission (qualification for university entrance, language proficiency, etc.) and you complete the applicant requirements as specified and on time. Studies start at the beginning of August.

Applications for the current year are due by July 15th!

Do you still have questions about your application? Then get in touch with our Office of Student Services. We’ll be happy to answer your questions by phone (+49 6321 671-509) or in person on campus (every day from 9am – 4pm). You can also contact the Weincampus Student Council with questions.


Online Application Form


Dual Studies in Four Steps

Requirements for admission to the Weincampus include a certificate of qualification for entrance to university or university of applied sciences or a recognized equivalent professional qualification.

There is no Numerus Clausus (admissions quota system).

If you do not yet have your high school diploma (or equivalent secondary school qualification), you can submit your transcript of grades (from the past half year of schooling) along with your application to apply for provisional admission for the prosemester. You must still submit your high school diploma after receiving it.

Studying Without a High School Diploma or Subject-Restricted University Entrance Qualification


In the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate, you are allowed to study at the university level with professional experience under certain conditions (“Studying without a High School Diploma”).

A Meister (Master) or comparable advanced training qualification provide you with a general university entrance qualification. Before enrolling, you should arrange for a consultation session at the Weincampus.

Some people with professional qualifications can obtain a subject-restricted university entrance qualification under the following conditions:

  • Completed vocational apprenticeship with an overall grade of at least 2.5
  • Two years of professional experience
  • Consultation session before enrollment


In the dual-studies concept, vocational education is closely integrated with academic study. Practical phases at your partner apprenticing company alternate with academic phases at the Weincampus. This is why a dual-studies program is not possible without an apprenticeship contract with a winemaking company. You should find a spot for your apprenticeship as soon as possible. If you have not been able to find an apprenticing company, you should have a look at our Dual Studies Match Portal, where you will find more than 350 apprenticing companies located all throughout Germany. You can register as an applicant in the portal, which will make it easier for companies to find you.

If you already have completed a winemaker apprenticeship, you can apply directly for the Bachelor’s degree program in Viticulture & Enology.


The original copies of the apprenticeship contract are sent by the apprenticing company to the responsible authorities for approval. Depending on the federal state, this supervisory body may be the Chamber of Agriculture or the Regional Government Office.

To apply, the following documents need to be submitted:

  • Completed and signed online application form
  • Copy of apprenticeship contract 
  • Curriculum vitae (signed, please!)
  • Notarized secondary school graduation certificate(s)
  • For students without a high-school diploma: proof of completed vocational training (vocational school and testing certificates as well as verification of at least two years of employment)
  • For previous post-secondary/university studies: certificate of good standing, ex-matriculation or graduation certificate and transcript of grades
  • Certificates from previous apprenticeships or internships (if applicable)
  • Certificates from military or civil service (if applicable)


This is how it works:

  • First fill out our online application form and send it to us by email. After you submit your online application, you will receive a PDF of your completed application form by email.
  • Print out this PDF form and sign it.
  • Send us this printed form with the rest of your application documents by mail.

All application documents should have been received at the Weincampus’ Office of Student Servicesby July 15th of the year in which you want to begin your studies.   

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