Training abroad

Practical projects abroad


Up to 6 months of the dual study program can be completed in the context of practical projects abroad. You can read about the individual steps of the stay abroad here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need advice. 

Time frame for practical projects abroad:

After the 4th semester: 01.07. to 31.10. (Northern Hemisphere)

After the 5th semester: 01.02. to 30.04. (Southern Hemisphere)


Planning steps:

Before the stay

1. Search for a training company abroad

2. Forward the following data to the Office of Student Services as early as possible:

Student's contact details (name, telephone/mobile number, current address)
contact details of the establishment (name of the establishment, address, Internet address (homepage), contact person, e-mail address of the contact person, telephone number if applicable)
Period of the training stay

3. Course of study examines the training aptitude of the company

4. Student secretariat sends confirmation/rejection of operation to students

5. Conclude a foreign training contract (student - foreign company) (see download area)

Note: Only these contract templates (German, English or French) are recognised by the competent body (in RLP: Chamber of Agriculture). Other contracts or certificates of practical training do not meet the requirements and will not be taken into account as training periods.

6. Send the original contracts to the responsible office (in RLP: LWK) and the Office of Student Services

7. Agree with teachers on the content and form of documentation

During the stay:

Keep a report booklet

Note: For stays abroad in the 5th semester, please submit the report booklet to the LWK before departure for the final examination as a winegrower

After the stay:

Feedback on the quality of the training / supervision to the student secretariat

General information on visa requirements, insurance and funding opportunities can be found on the website of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen under International.


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