Training in the company

Prosemester and Internship

The training phase in the company lasts a total of 24 months. Right at the beginning, you will spend 15 months in the company to gain practical experience. During this time you are in the so-called Prosemester and are a Trainee, this means that you are not yet registered as a student. For this reason special rules apply for the time in the Prosemester:

Obligatory attendance

During the lectures and exercises of the Prosemester (in August, January, May and August) attendance is compulsory! If attendance at lectures is not possible, the employer must be informed immediately. 

The results achieved in the training will be recognized for the study with 30 credits.

Report booklets

During the 24 months of training you are obliged to keep a report book, which is a prerequisite for admission to the final examination. The report booklet can be requested from the address given in the download area and will be attached to the application for the final examination.

The entries should provide information in keywords about the training activities carried out, including company, inter-company and instruction in the prosemester.

Attention! The report booklet should be presented to the Chamber of Agriculture before a possible stay abroad in the 5th semester to ensure timely registration for the final examination.