In addition to in-depth technical knowledge, the German-French Master's in Viticulture & Enology also provides practical, hands-on experience and analytical skills, as well as language and intercultural competence. Targeted course content enables graduates to address the future issues of the wine industry from both theoretical perspectives and practical approaches that will empower you to develop solution-oriented strategies for the viticulture of tomorrow. Below you will find the schedule of courses and internships. All modules are explained in greater depth in the module handbook.      


 ModuleECTS-Credits Hrs.
1st SemesterPractical Project 161

History & Culture of the Vine & Wine / Language skills

Scientific methods63
Molecular Biology / Biochemistry of the Vine & Grapes64
 Totals: 1st Semester3020
2nd SemesterInnovation in Enology65
Innovation in the Chemistry & Microbiology of Wine64
Special Methods in Wine Sensory / Consumer Research65
Sustainable Business Management33
Smart & Sustainable Viticulture / Environmental Ecology34
Practical Project 261
 Totals 2nd Semester3022
3rd SemesterPractical Project 361
The Science of Terroir: Soil, Vine, and Humans64
Plant Pathology65
Sustainable Business Management65
Smart & Sustainable Viticulture / Environmental Ecology66
 Totals 3rd Semester3021
4th SemesterMaster's Thesis301
 Totals 4th Semester301
 Totals Degree Program12064

Hrs.: Weekly Workload in Hours

ECTS Credits: Credits according to the European Credit Transfer System