International students

This page contains automatically translated content.

Admission requirements for international students

Applicants with foreign (European and non-EU) school and university certificates must apply online to the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.  

The following documents must be submitted with the application: 

  • School and university certificates; you can find country-specific information at at:
  • Proof of German language skills
  • Proof from periods of study in Germany (if you were enrolled at another college/university): Certificate of enrollment/ certificate of achievement/ certificate of no objection
  • Curriculum vitae in German
  • Copy of the residence permit and the supplementary sheet or a fictitious certificate
  • Copy of the passport

IMPORTANT! All documents from the home country must be submitted as certified copies of the original and a certified translation into a common European language (English, French, Spanish or German). Copies of certified documents will not be accepted!

You should also note the visa requirements regarding study visas in your country of origin. Please contact the German consulate at   .

You must present a valid study visa to by the time you enrol at the latest. Enrolment is not possible without a valid study visa!

School and university certificates


  • University entrance qualification from the country of origin with lists of grades (Baccalauréat, Matura, High School Diploma, secondary school certificate, etc.): The International Affairs department will check whether the university entrance qualification also entitles the applicant to study at our university.
  • Applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam must have their certificates checked by the Academic Evaluation Center in Beijing, Ulan Bator or Hanoi; the original certificate from the Evaluation Center must be enclosed with the application. 

Language skills


Proof of German language proficiency

  • DSH-2, issued by a university in Germany
  • C1 certificate from the Goethe-Institut
  • Certificate of the assessment test at a preparatory college
  • TestDaf exam at level 4 in all 4 sections
  • German Language Diploma II of the Conference of Ministers of Culture (DSD II) at level C1 in all 4 sections
  • ÖSD C1
  • telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule passed with "satisfactory", "good" or "very good"

Attention: Proof of the number of hours completed is not sufficient!
Proof of German language skills from a private language school cannot be recognized. If the proof of your German language skills is more than 3 years old and you have not started or successfully completed a university degree course in German after taking the German exam, the proof can no longer be recognized.

If you do not have sufficient German language skills, you can contact one of the providers in the Mannheim/Ludwigshafen region. You can find more informationat here.