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How and when can I apply?

You can apply for the dual study program at all year round. The Viticulture & Enology degree program is admission-free. This means that prospective students will always be offered a place if they meet the formal requirements for the degree program (university entrance qualification, language skills etc.) and apply in due form and time. The start of the Viticulture & Enology degree program is at the beginning of August. 

The application deadline for the current year is July 15! 

Do you have any questions about your application? Then please contact our registrar's office , also by telephone daily between 9 am - 4 pm (06321 671-509) or the Wine Campus Student Council!


Online application form

4 steps to a dual study program

Admission requirements for studying at the Wine Campus are a certificate of higher education entrance qualification, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or previous training recognized as equivalent (e.g. master winemaker, viticulture technician). There is no Numerus Clausus .

If your Abitur certificate is not yet available, you can enclose the last (half-year) certificate of your school education with your application in order to obtain provisional admission for the prosemester. The final certificate must be submitted after receipt.

In the dual study program, vocational training is closely interlinked with studies. Practical phases in the training company alternate with phases at the Wine Campus. For this reason, it is not possible to complete a dual course of study without a training contract with a winery. You should therefore look for a training place in good time. If you have not yet found a winegrowing company for your apprenticeship, you can get to know our more than 400 training companies at the training exchange Dual Match . You can also register as an applicant there and be found more quickly by the companies.

If you have already trained as a winemaker, you can also apply directly for the Bachelor's degree program in Viticulture&Enology.

The training company sends the originals of the training contract to the responsible authority for approval, depending on the federal state, e.g. the Chamber of Agriculture or the regional council. IMPORTANT! After signing, please make a copy and have it handed over, as this copy is part of the application documents.

The application documents include:

  • Completed and signed online application form 
  • Copy of the training contract for winegrowers
  • Curriculum vitae (in tabular form, chronological, without gaps and please WITH signature)
  • Certificate of university entrance qualification
  • For applicants without Abitur: Proof of previous training (vocational school certificate and examination certificate)
  • In the case of previous studies: Clearance, exmatriculation and grade certificate
  • Proof of previous training or internships, if applicable
  • Proof of military service / federal voluntary service or similar, if applicable

This is how it works:

  • First fill out our online application form at and send it to us by email. Following your online application , you will receive a PDF with your completed form by e-mail. 
  • Print out the PDF and sign it.
  • Send it with the rest of your application documents by e-mail to:

All application documents should reach by July 15 of the year in which you wish to start your training atthelatestat our registrar's office at the Wine Campus Neustadt .

Have you found a training company?

If the training company you have selected is not yet one of our cooperation companies, we will be happy to add it to our network , provided the company is a recognized training company for winegrowers. Cooperation companies can be located in any wine-growing region in Germany. You can find a template for a cooperation agreement in the download area

You can find all cooperating companies that offer apprenticeships as part of the dual study program at the Wine Campus Neustadt on our Dual Match training exchange.

ATTENTION: If you want to edit the "Berufsausbildungsvertrag RLP" from our download area, you must first download it to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader. 

Enrollment & Re-registration


Following the 15-month vocational training phase in the training company (prosemester), enrollment takes place at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. The Wine Campus Neustadt is organizationally affiliated with the university. For this reason, enrollment for the Viticulture & Enology degree program takes place via the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.  You can find current information and dates for enrollmentat here.


After enrolment, you must re-register in due time each semester until you complete your studies.
Current information and dates for re-registration can be foundat here.

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