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Studying at the Wine Campus from A - Z

Admission requirements for studying at the Wine Campus are a certificate of higher education entrance qualification, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or a professional qualification recognized as equivalent.  

There is no Numerus Clausus .

If your Abitur certificate is not yet available, you can enclose the last (half-year) certificate of your school education with your application in order to obtain provisional admission for the prosemester. The final certificate must be submitted after receipt.

Studying without a (Fach-)Abitur

In Rhineland-Palatinate, it is possible to study with a vocational qualification ("Studying without Abitur") under certain conditions.

master craftsman or comparable advanced training qualifications offer you a general university entrance qualification. Before enrolling, you should arrange a consultation at the Wine Campus.

Other professionally qualified persons receive a subject-specific university entrance qualification under the following conditions:

  • Completed vocational training with an overall grade point average of at least 2.5
  • Counseling interview before enrollment

In the dual study program, vocational training is closely interlinked with the study program. Practical phases at the training company alternate with phases at the Wine Campus. For this reason, it is not possible to complete a dual course of study without a training contract with a winery. You should therefore look for a training place in good time. If you have not yet found a winemaking company for your apprenticeship, then take a look at our Dual Match training exchange . There you will find more than 400 training companies throughout Germany. You can then register as an applicant and be found more quickly by the companies.

If you have already trained as a winemaker, you can also apply directly for the Bachelor's degree course in Viticulture&Enology.

The application documents include:

  • Completed and signed online application form 
  • Copy of the winegrower training contract
  • Curriculum vitae (please include signature)
  • Officially certified school leaving certificate
  • For students without a high school diploma: Proof of previous training (vocational school certificate and examination certificate as well as proof of 2 years of employment)
  • For previous studies: clearance certificate, certificate of exmatriculation and grade certificate
  • Proof of previous training or internships, if applicable
  • Proof of military service / federal voluntary service or similar, if applicable

This is how it works:

  • First fill out our online application form at and send it to us by email. Following your online application , you will receive a PDF with your completed form by e-mail. 
  • Print out the PDF and sign it.
  • Send it back to us by post with the rest of your application documents.

All application documents should  be received by our registrar's office at the Wine Campus Neustadt byJuly 15 of the year in which you wish to begin your training at thelatest.

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (often abbreviated ECTS after the English name European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System ) is an instrument that serves to structure higher education studies and makes the weighting of its components transparent. This is intended to help ensure and continuously optimize the quality of higher education . ECTS is used in the European Higher Education Area , which includes the countries of the European Union as well as numerous non-EU countries such as Norway, Switzerland and Israel. ECTS is a central element of the so-called Bologna Process, which aims to harmonize national higher education systems, among other things by structuring courses of study throughout Europe into a Bachelor phase (3-4 years) and a Master phase (a further 1-2 years), which have replaced the Magister and Diplom courses (4-5 years) in German-speaking countries.

A total of 210 ECTS is required for the Bachelor's degree at the Wine Campus .

In order to expand the students' practical know-how, the instructor aptitude test, inter-company instruction and courses offered by the German Training Institute for Agricultural Engineering (DEULA) are offered on a voluntary basis in addition to the curriculum.

At the DEULA Rheinland-Pfalz in Bad Kreuznach, two weeks of instruction in the field of applied agricultural technology take place during the prosemester, in which students are taught the proper and safe use of modern agricultural machinery in the field of viticulture and grape processing (e.g. tractors, soil care systems, plant protection equipment).

The lecture times are adapted to the dates of the inter-company training and DEULA courses so that there are no overlaps.

It is possible to obtain a discount on the course costs. Detailed information on registration, current dates and the voucher form can be found at OpenOLAT.

The training company sends the originals of the training contract to the responsible authority for approval, depending on the federal state, e.g. to the Chamber of Agriculture or to Regierungspräsidium.

HIS stands for Hochschul Informations System (University Information System). After logging in to the portal, an e-mail account, library user service, teaching platforms and many other applications are clearly available. The Wine Campus can be accessed via the university portal

OpenOLAT is the learning management system (LMS) of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society and is made centrally available to all universities in the state by the Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate(VCRP). OpenOLAT can support various forms of web-based learning, teaching and moderation without major didactic restrictions. You can get to know OpenOLAT here.

The 15-month vocational training phase in the training company is known as the prosemester. During this time, you are officially still a trainee. Initial enrolment (registration) at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences for Business and Society only takes place after the prosemester. 

The StudentServiceCenter is the online platform of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. There you can, for example, register and re-register for the new semester at . You will also find contact persons and information about your studies.