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Staying connected as friends. The Wine Campus and its alumni

Alma mater - the common bond

A strong network can help you experience a lifetime of community, realize ideas and achieve professional goals. After all, contacts only harm those who have none.

However, friendship is not a foregone conclusion, but requires relationship work:

  • Strengthen friendships through shared experiences
  • Expand your network through professional exchange
  • refresh contacts at every reunion and
  • supporting each other - against vitamin B deficiency.

Here, four alumni from our network talk about their time at the Wine Campus, their career entry and their everyday working life:

Niko Brandner
Katrin Lang
Lena Singer-Fischer
Pauline Baumberger-Brand

Universities/colleges are referred to as "alma mater" because, methaphorically speaking   , students are nourished there with education and knowledge . The term comes from Latin and means "nurturing mother".

We, your alma mater, are committed to the development of a lifelong community, an exchange of knowledge and experience, for networking between students, graduates, professors, employees and various players from the wine industry. Our alumni participate in our research projects, excursions, conferences and training courses. This means they are part of the Wine Campus team and are always familiar with the latest developments in the wine industry.

Have you completed your studies at the Wine Campus Neustadt? Are you working at the Wine Campus? Stay in contact with your alma mater and become part of our constantly growing network. As a member, you will benefit from a program of events, networking opportunities and lively connections to the Wine Campus Neustadt!

Registration is straightforward. Membership is free of charge! Simply send your contact details by email to kirsten.gerling☞ Please insert an @ at this point ☜hwg-lu☞ Please insert a period at this point ☜de.

If you would like to get involved in the network, please contact us!

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