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Wine Campus Student Council



Our Student Council is a small and select group of around twenty committed students who are committed to your interests. The Student Council takes on a variety of tasks to represent the students at the Wine Campus Neustadt: excursions, lectures, support and socializing are of course not neglected either.

Our task is to represent you!

Come along, have your say and be creative. All students are welcome at our meetings!


If you have any questions about your studies at the Wine Campus, just get in touch with us!

Executive Board: Moritz Walter and Beatrice Werwitzke
Deputy: Moritz Schlesinger
Examination Board: Luc Küssner and Beatrice Werwitzke
Library Committee: Leonard Lehn
Cooperation Advisory Board: Jana Beck, Moritz Walter and Jakob Enslinger

E-mail: fachschaft.weincampus☞ Please insert an @ at this point ☜hwg-lu☞ Please insert a period at this point ☜de

By students for students

Wine Campus Talk

Wine Campus Talk is a format initiated by us in which we take the exchange with practitioners completely into our own hands. We approach people from the industry with whom we would like to have a conversation and who, together with us, discuss the current concerns of winegrowers constructively and openly. Of course, there are also exciting wines to taste! Wine Campus Talk has established itself as a successful series of events that we are happy to promote. This is the only way we can find out what awaits us later in the professional world and at the same time enrich the horizons of entrepreneurs with the perspectives of young people. 

An example from the first Wine Campus Talk: the two guests could not have harmonized better! While Nicola Libelli gave amusing insights into his winemaking methods with his Italian wit and vivid language, Georg Fußer proved to be a congenial antagonist. "It all depends on the point, like a dart" was how Nicola Libelli described his method for determining the right time for the harvest. As 1st cellar master of the Dr. Bürklin-Wolf winery, he is happy to have so many opportunities to implement his ideas. Despite climate change, he is aware of the endurance of Riesling and continues to see it as the future.

Georg Fußer, focuses on "wines that are at peace with themselves". "When my first Riesling started the BSA, I was already sweating, today I let all Rieslings take their natural course and am happy about this development," he admitted with a small smile. For him, it is mainly his gut feeling that decides how and when he moves things. Because there is simply no recipe for making wine! After this start, one thing is clear: the proof of the pudding is in the eating! With this in mind, further dates are already being planned - look forward to them!

You can find current Wine Campus events and the latest Wine Campus Talk dates here:


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