Student Council

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Wine Campus Student Council



Our Student Council is a small but fine group of about twenty young, committed students who are committed to your interests. The Student Council performs a variety of tasks to represent the students at the Wine Campus Neustadt. Excursions, lectures, support and socializing are of course not neglected either.

Our task is to represent you!

Come along, have your say and be creative. Every student is welcome at our meetings!


If you have any questions about your studies at the Wine Campus, just get in touch with us:

Student representatives: Nadine Schuster and Jacqueline Northern
GAF: Jonas Willer, Katja Schuppert (until you graduate), Sina Klar and Jana Beck
Examination board: Jana Watzelt and Jana Beck
Library Committee: Leonard Lehn
Cooperation Advisory Board: Michael Meusert and Nadine Schuster
Awards and Scholarships: Jana Watzelt and Jonas Willer

E-mail: fachschaft.weincampus☞ Please insert an @ at this point ☜hwg-lu☞ Please insert a period at this point ☜de