Modul 220 - Production 2 - Flavours of the World

Modul 220 - Production II - Flavours of the World

Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Dominik Durner, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer

The objective of this module is to give an in-depth overview of the processing of wine, spirit and beer and how to achieve product styles by means of specific winemaking, brewing and distillation processes. An emphasis is given on the technology and biotechnology in processing and on the link between production techniques and obtained product styles. Students acquire knowledge and comprehension about the typicity of varietals and will understand the role of raw materials, growing regions as well as the terroir and other influencing factors, which shape these products. The lectures facilitate quality-oriented and best practice winemaking, brewing and distillation operations and students will gain knowledge in recognition and prevention of process defects during production. Based on tastings, students learn to evaluate the sensory impact of different winemaking/distillation/brewing methods and to analyze the specific contribution of single steps and processes. Students are also enabled to evaluate certain products and to assess if they fit within the specific framework of a given style. Valuable informations on operation costs, oversee international regulations and the legal framework of the most important markets complement the module. Tastings in face-to-face lectures and at home combine cognitive teaching by the lecturer and by self-guided learning with the sensory perception of different wine, spirit and beer styles under the guidance of an expert.