Modul 240 - Channel Management, The French Paradox

Modul 240 - Channel Management

Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Pierre Mora, Prof. Dr. Marc Dreßler

Societal and technological change impact industries. The module “channel management” provides managerial insight how to actively manage clients via different channels as a result of the apparent driving forces. Multichannel management shows the complexity of obvious channel navigation from direct to consumer business to retailing to e-business based platforms or creative business models. Export management provides opportunities but also challenges in international trade and sales activities, requiring frameworks and managerial tools that are experienced in the context of small and medium entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the module provides in-depth know how on e-business and in the context of multichannel management.

The "The French Paradox" is an essential part of the module. This interactive business game is dedicated to the wine sector and one of the specificities of this simulation is to propose a general approach of the marketing, linked to finance, strategy and human resources, in a sustainable spirit.