Modul 310 - Wine Expertise, Wine tasting, wine and food pairing

Modul 310 - Wine Expertise

Dozenten: Markus Del Monego, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer

This module aims to broaden the horizon of the students regarding the assessment and recognition of global wine styles, including professional communication skills regarding the sensory properties of wines and spirits. Besides the positive and the nature of wine defining properties, masking or even deteriorating off-flavors and contaminants will be characterized. Possible microbial and chemical sources will be named and strategies to prevent them.

Combining fundamental know-how and background of international cuisines with the wine expertise will enable the students to progress towards a confident selection of suitable wines for different dishes and other occasions where wines and spirits are served. Cross-cultural aspects of food and wines as well as proper behavior at the tables of the world are subjects of this module.  

In evening settings, selected wines, beers and spirits will be tasted in the group to combine cognitive learning and sensory perception of the wines.